by Mad Existence

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released January 29, 2015

recorded and mixed by Ethan Gensurowsky.
mastering by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios.
cassettes available at tenfeettallrecords.bigcartel(dot)com

shirts available at madexistence.bigcartel(dot)com



all rights reserved


Mad Existence Richmond, Virginia

patrick- vocals

Vinyl Conflict Records

hit us up: madexistencehc
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Track Name: Anarchy
born under a bad sign
starting to rot before you're even alive
you can't live like my kind
born with rage for all and nothing at the same time
sick in my head
halfway to dead
two lost souls pointed in the same direction

with everything I've come learn and know
trust no one and to strike first

you can't tell me nothing
tried it once, it didn't impress me at all
this life's got no function
to breed and breathe, from dust til dust

not even human, the futures bleak
i'll make you feel my anarchy
Track Name: No Vaseline
twist your word think I don't see
what you say is twisting me
want me to change but you're changing me
into the person you don't want to meet

parasite living all over me
you sell our culture for your own well being
think i'm blind but I ain't asleep
when I'm around you I can never feel safe
developed life, you're so refined
wasn't quite the words I had in mind
you think your title puts you above us all
if that's success than I don't want to be involved

I'd sell my soul to get rid of your clothes
expose your true face to the ones that you know
look down on me but you're blind to what you see
try to understand me but you don't speak my language

no eye to eye
last time you fucking lie
Track Name: Mad Existence
why wake up if it cost me my soul?
it's the devil's day I guess I'll take the toll
the world is hell and I'm feeling the burn
ignorance is bliss so I'll never learn

bad dreams
from the cradle to the grave

from wild days into nervous nights
no moving forward I don't even try
can't get ahead up against the wall
all is pause in my mad existence

where nothing ever changes

MAD existence
Track Name: Ball and Chain
find the one that thinks for you
i've got better things to do
share his last name and his views
against your values

living life too fucking fast
run and fine a better half
find yourself complete at last

ball and chain
what's your fucking age?
ball and chain
what's your fucking name?

never think theres no need
all thats left to do is breed
marching to the modern beat
dragging you down

always could count on a friend
you'll never hear from me again
your picture perfect means to an end